Service Providers

What are your benefits?

  • Improves discoverability and visibility of their services
  • Helps them to attract potential users from both academia and industry
  • Supports service management via monitoring and visualization of their
  • facilities
  • Showcases their services in an EOSC-compatible form
  • Enhances collaboration and networking

How can you make use of CatRIS?

Log in into CatRIS Portal and insert information about your RI service! 

How? Find below guidelines that will help you with a step by step explanation of the whole process.

CatRIS Provider and Service Onboarding Guide: for Service Providers (SPs) that want to onboard their Organization and its services through CatRIS Portal

CatRIS Application Programming Interface Guide: for SPs that want to onboard their services by using the API

CatRIS Provider and Service Profile Guide: Informative Presentation regarding CatRIS Portal, Provider Profile and Service Profile

CatRIS Provider Dashboard Guide: A Walkthrough to Service Provider’s Dashboard

CatRIS Frequently Asked Questions: Commonly asked Questions & Answers regarding the onboarding process


CatRIS builds on and continues to exploit the data related to research infrastructures from the MERIL portal gathered over the years. Data from MERIL have been mapped and adapted to the CatRIS and EOSC data models and transferred into an intermediate database. All Research Infrastructures previously featured in MERIL have been invited to access their profiles and update their records for inclusion in CatRIS.

If your infrastructure has previously been included in MERIL and you would like to update and publish this information in CatRIS please contact us at We will provide you with a specific link through which you will be able to connect to CatRIS and access your pre-existing information. To learn more about CatRIS privacy policy, please click here.