In response to the needs of the Research Infrastructure (RI) community, CatRIS is building a catalogue of RI services available throughout Europe. To ensure that the catalogue responds well to the user requirements, CatRIS is inviting policy makers, RI funders, RI managers and RI users to participate in the design and development of the CatRIS catalogue.

The active engagement and feedback is essential to help shape the future of the RI community in Europe, therefore 3 Focus Groups have been organised by the catRIS parters, each of them with specific audience: policy makers and RI funders, Ri managers and RI users. The workhops are part of WP3, User needs and requirement elicitation.  

The Focus Group for policy makers and funders is organised by EFIS and will be held in Brussels the 27th of June. RI manager Focus Group will be organised by EurOcean while the RI users Focus Group by CTLS, both in Paris the 2nd of July. 

With regard to testing and validating the service catalogue & marketplace concept and providing feedback on specific needs of RI users, RI managers and service providers, the workshops aim is to gather comments on the core information to be included in the future service catalogue and the main functionalities of the marketplace that are to be developed.

Participants will be asked to provide an input in an interactive way, with plenty of opportunities for discussion.

Feedbacks and suggestions will be included in the concept for shaping catRIS catalogue.