CatRIS team and Advisory Board gathered last Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th of January 2020 in Athens, after one year of hard work, to discuss about the next steps of the project and the future of the portal. The meeting was hosted by CatRIS partners EKT.

Many goals were successfully achieved the past year. Concept and framework of CatRIS portal were developed, following a comprehensive stakeholder consultation through workshops, focus groups, surveys and questionnaires. Potential collaborations with various initiatives such as EOSC were taken on board and partners participated in several conferences and events bringing CatRIS on tables of discussions throughout Europe.

CatRIS portal is now online ready to be tested by RI services providers and end users, and will be soon ready to be filled, enriched and exploited at best.

CatRIS portal must meet the needs of the European RI community, from service providers, to policy makers and researchers, and their engagement is extremely important in order to reach this goal. Stay tuned for more updates on the portal status and be ready for the CatRIS stakeholders’ outreach and engagement campaign!