CatRIS team is ready to welcome Research Infrastructures, Core Facilities and Shared Scientific Resources services at European, national, regional and institutional levels to register their services into the brand-new CatRIS Portal.

What will be your benefits of having your service in the catalogue?

- Improves discoverability and visibility of your services

- Helps them to attract potential users from both academia and industry

- Supports service management via monitoring and visualization of your facilities

- Showcases their services in an EOSC-compatible form

- Enhances collaboration and networking

How can you be part of CatRIS catalogue?

Visit CatRIS Portal, log in and start filling the information about your service. Find Here step by step instructions that will guide you in the whole process.

CatRIS Team is ready to support you for any technical issue you might have. We are organising a set of webinars dedicated to Service Providers and their support in onboarding into the portal. We offer several date and time options for the webinars. Find here the one that fits best to your schedule in November, and here in December! 

Join CatRIS and improve the discoverability and visibility of your services!