RI stakehoders' active engagement and feedback is essential to help shaping the future of the RI community in Europe. CatRIS ogranised one Validation Workshop and three Focus Groups in order to gather feedback and ideas from RI managers, users, policy makers and funders. 

Validation workshop

Following a survey and a range of interviews with the RI community March through May, the consortium organised a validation workshop on 15 May 2019 in Brussels. Its purpose was to review and refine the CatRIS concept and typology of RI services. It gathered 16 RI managers, RI users and RI funders/policy makers. Lively discussions on novel and path-breaking CatRIS concept led to many interesting suggestions on requirements for the gateway. Participants also proposed modifications to the typology of RI services. RI community’s reflections have been used to streamline the CatRIS concept so that it better serves its target audiences. Results are soon to be published in D3.1 “Working note on typology of research infrastructure services”.

Focus groups 

As part of the user needs and requirement elicitation process, consortium organised three focus groups. The first one with RI policy makers/funders that took place on 27 June 2019 in Brussels, and the other two with RI managers and RI users, respectively, on 2 July 2019 in Paris. Intense debates to test and validate the CatRIS catalogue and gateway concept have served as a final input for development of the gateway. Five topics were discussed: 1) CatRIS vision, mission and definitions, 2) typology/classification of services and resources, 3) services and resources description template, 4) online (re)presentation of services and resources, and 5) functional and non-functional requirements of a portal serving a catalogue.

Prior to the focus groups, participants had received a draft Concept note for CatRIS that is soon going to be published in its final form that incorporates the focus groups’ results.