On the 14 of July, Anna Kamenskaya from CTLS, partner of CatRIS project consortium, conducted a CatRIS workshop during the Eurodoc Conference 2021: Improving Doctoral Training in Europe. The CatRIS workshop was aligned with two themes of the conference: Implementing Open Science and Promoting Research Integrity.

The conference took place in a hybrid form, with some participants present in the conference hall of the Czech National Library of Technology in Prague and the majority of the participants (500+) connecting remotely.

The objective of the workshop was to present CatRIS to a large audience of potential Reseach Infrastrcutures (RIs) users such as PhD candidates and early career researchers.  Reaching out to this audience is very important for CatRIS and for the whole RI ecosystem because many of these researchers could potentially benefit from  RIs but too few of them are aware of the very concept of RIs. Based on a previous poll conducted in conjunction with Eurodoc and a quick poll during the workshop, only half of the audience has ever heard about the concept of RI. Given that there are hundreds of thousands of young researchers in Europe, it would be important to continue to reach out to them and to inform them of the rich spectrum of scientific services and resources available to them through Research Infrastructures.

During the workshop, a live demonstration of CatRIS capabilities was conducted. A user was actually doing the search using a keyword and discovering all the functionalities of CatRIS while projecting her screen.  The demo was followed by a Q&A session where the participants asked further questions about how exactly they can benefit from CatRIS. In the end, they were assured that even though the project has ended, the catalogue will continue its existence and, hopefully, will keep increasing in terms of number of providers and services.

The workshop has been recorder and can be seen here.