The onboarding process of European Research Infrastructures, Core Facilities and Shared Scientific Resources services into CatRIS portal has started. During the next weeks, CatRIS Team is organising a set of webinars dedicated to Service Providers and their support in onboarding into the portal.

The webinars will cover:

- Introduction of CatRIS portal and its benefits to the Service Provider community

- Walk-trough in the process of uploading information of services in the portal

- Interoperability aspects of the catalogue 

- Support in any technical issues during the onboarding process

Webinars will be structured in an interactive way, giving space to questions, clarifications and feedback. The duration of each webinar will be one-hour maximum.

CatRIS Team offers several date and time options for the webinars. Register to the one that fits best to your schedule! 

1 December:

2 December:

3 December:

4 December:

7 December:

8 December:

9 December:

10 December:

11 December:

14 December:

15 December:

16 December:

17 December:

18 December: