The CatRIS project (Jan 2019 – Jun 2021) has demonstrated a proof-of-concept catalogue of research infrastructures services openly available via the CatRIS portal: CatRIS onboarding efforts have resulted in the registration of over 130 Service Providers and over 600 validated services.

Despite this encouraging trend, we estimate that the “real” number of services offered to researchers at the European level is order(s) of magnitude higher.

Therefore, the current CatRIS catalogue should be seen as a beginning of an effort towards a comprehensive catalogue of RI services. The results achieved and the response from the community clearly show the potential to attract a broad range of research infrastructures (RIs), core facilities (CFs) and shared scientific resources (SSRs) into one, single entry point, online catalogue. From large-scale ERICs to national RIs, institutional facilities and contract research organisations, the diversity of covered service providers and respective services cuts across all scientific disciplines including medical and life science, physics, humanities, social sciences and engineering. Resources and services offered by bioimaging centres, mass spectrometry and microscopy laboratories, nanotechnology facilities, meteorological observatories, language corpora, research libraries, research aircrafts, etc. are all featured in CatRIS following a harmonised format allowing users to quickly browse, explore, filter and compare entries, as well as contact service providers to request further information.

CatRIS is by design and architecture interoperable with the EOSC catalogue of services, and it has contributed to its development over the past years.

This presentation will highlight the achievements of the CatRIS project and outline the potential for future development. We will further explore how CatRIS can be useful to promote interactions between RIs and the private sector both as service provider and user.

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